Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    "You like me! You Really like me!"

    Student youth minister Nathan expresses something that crosses my mind on a weekly basis: I don't want youth to come to youth group to make me feel successful or wanted as a minister. I want them there to grow in their faith. Nathan writes:
    I often get the feeling that people think I want the students to come see me, this is not the reason I do youth ministry. I do not suffer from loneliness, we do not do youth group so Nathan has some people to hangout with. I love your children and refer to them as my children also, but we want these students to connect with God and with other
    Check out Nathan's full post here, part of his honest and insightful ongoing series "5 Things I Wish Parents/People Knew About Youth Ministry.


    John Denton said...

    so true and well put. Thanks for sharing.