Thursday, November 29, 2007

    The Blasphemy Challenge

    Several days ago, I came across The Blasphemy Challenge. Basically, this is a group of atheists, led by a thirty-year-old (who, by the way, is unwilling to give his real name), that challenges individuals, specifically youth, to deny, on camera, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (they never say trinity). Usually, I try not to get too worked up by these claims. Often, I feel that responsive anger is exactly what these individuals seek. But, some of these claims are just ludicrous. The founder of the Blasphemy Challenge claims he created this organization so that people could embrace reason when attempting to understand religion. Ironically, I couldn’t agree more. I also believe reason and faith go together.

    As I thought about how I would respond, I remembered this quote from Ronald Osborn—a 20th Century Disciples theologian:

    What do we mean by the Disciples mind? It is a way of approaching the Scriptures with a reverent intelligence. This style of professing Christian faith has accepted the reproach of advocating a “head religion” hurled by those who profess a “heart religion.” Emphasizing faith with understanding, the Disciples mind puts the highest premium on rationality and faithfulness in action.
    How about you? How would your respond? Or, how will you respond when a youth asks you about the blasphemy challenge?



    Audrey said...

    This stuff annoys me. I don't think Christianity is really about professions of faith as much as living the faith.

    Brian said...

    This group is really setting up a a straw man argument. I don't believe in the God they are protesting any more than they do. But the problem is that they lump all Christians into one homogenized group/set of beliefs. They are taking the most extreme expressions of Christianity and generalizing it across the board to all of us. This is equivalent to those of us who reject all Muslims as being part and parcel with the extremist fundamentalist terrorists who claim Islam as their faith.

    Frank Walton said...

    I have a blog against the blasphemy challenge here.

    Brian Sapient is actually Brian J. Cutler.

    Anonymous said...

    Best we can tell Frank is an insane man not just because of his religion, but due to actual issues. Here is a post that describes the deceit ofFrank Walton Also the only legitimate site we know of that exposes Frank, in a sometimes satirical manner is this site all about Frank Walton and his atheism sucks friends.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure what is going on here. The other posters "Frank Walton" and "Frankie Wallton" are just some dumb losers from the Rational Response Squad. I am the real Frank Walton and I have a blog against the blasphemy challenge here.