Friday, November 02, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser

    Are You Saved? Youth Minister Jeremy takes at look at the "salvation" of youth from a post-modern and progressive point of view (and includes a hilarious clip from one of the funniest movies on the subject).

    It's All About Me! Our colleague at the Over-Educated Youth Pastor blog is looking at the issue of narcissism and youth ministers. And if you think he's not talking about you, you probably are the one who needs to read it!

    Don't Worry! Be happy! Youth pastor Stuart takes on the prosperity gospel of Joel Osteen.

    Is God a Republican? HMB, a self-described "woman in ministry," offers up a a great suggestion for a political experiment: read and listen to the people who don't agree with you (exactly the reason I listen to conservative talk radio)!

    Rookie Recollections: Steve at the Youth Ministry Ideas blog has some good words of advice for those just starting in youth ministry (and for us old timers, too).

    But does she know The Lord's Prayer?! Darren at Planet Telex joins the debate over whether or not to use non-Christian adults/parents as leaders in your youth ministry.
    The Dark Side of Youth Ministry - A youth minister's honest post on the challenge of dealing pastorally with a death in a teen's family.


    jeremy zach said...

    hey thanks for posting the difference perspectives. I really do appreciate it!!!!

    My blog has taken a lot of flack, but I obviously believe we start with relationship with students and walk with them towards the cross. Laguna Beach is a tough area, and the students need to know you are the real deal, before you bring them the real-real-real deal, namely Jesus.