Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Urban Mission Trip Idea

    This weekend I'll be heading off to Nashville with our senior high youth and a few of our college students to participate in an inner-city mission experience. While in Nashville, our group will be hosted by the Center for Student Missions (CSM). Located in major inner city areas (including Chicago, LA, NY, Washington DC and Toronto), CSM offers everything you need to provide your youth with a meaningful urban mission experience.

    I've worked with CSM on about 10 mission trips and I've always appreciated their organization and attention to the needs of my group. While in the inner city, CSM provides you with housing, meals (including the chance to sample the local ethnic cuisine), and a college/grad school aged host that travels with you and helps you get to your work sites, acts as liaison, and functions as navigator through city traffic. Mission opportunities which they can provide range from work with homeless shelters and soup kitchens to programs that serve children and the elderly. They can set up weekend long trips like we'll be doing, or week-long trips. I'd particularly recommend CSM to youth groups with limited budgets for mission trips or who are run by volunteers with limited time to plan mission projects.
    The only hitch I've ever really run into with CSM is that they tend to be more conservative theologically/socially/politically than myself or most of the youth I serve. Fortunately, their goal is not to push an agenda other than the love of God through Christ for the needy folks of the inner-city and that is surely a foundation on which all Christians can stand.


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    gavin richardson said...

    coming to nashville. if you are in need of some pilgrim spots for your group give me a shout. i love to help people with their nashville experience. especially other youth workers

    jeremy zach said...

    have ya'll read the book: A new kind of YM?

    Brian said...

    No, but I'll check it out.