Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    So who doesn't like the original Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon. What other network Christmas special quotes the very Christmas story itself from the gospel of Luke!?

    If you are looking to use this cartoon with your youth, check out the Youth Specialties bible study currently available for download (just $0.99) based on that classic Peanuts yuletide special. The study suggests activities for a complete program (which includes watching the cartoon or not, depending on your groups' familiarity with it) and provides a whole list of good questions for stimulating conversation on what Christmas is all about.

    (As an aside, did you know that this is but one of a ton of resources you can download for next to nothing at YS Underground, including a few freebies. These resources are great for the week you have hit a wall on your planning and need something quick.)


    yes2justice said...

    Thanks! This is very helpful. We're having an overnight after the final rehearsal for the Christmas pageant, which means many hours of programming, because of course, sleep will be the last thing they're interested in. Youth Specialties may come to our rescue on this one.

    Brian said...

    Glad to be of help! I'm using portions of the resource myself this Sunday night.