Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Creative Youth Ministry

    Need some ideas on how to recharge your creativity batteries for youth ministry? Check out this excellent post by Tammie at the Living 33:6:8 blog. I particularly appreciate this suggestion:

    Another way to unleash your creativity is to see what others are doing and head in the completely opposite direction. Powerpoints and videos all the rage? Break out the whiteboard and dry erase markers. Draw diagrams. Make arrows pointing here there and everywhere. It’s fun, really. Of course, since I have started doing this very thing I discover that others are doing a similar thing (i.e. Rob Bell’s everything is spiritual tour). My next idea? Bust out the flannelgraphs. I’m thinking life-size so the whole congregation can see it. Younger youth pastors, go ask someone in their 30s or older.


    Tammie said...

    Thanks for the comment and the link!

    Calvin said...

    Wow...I've been using dry erase markers for years. I didn't realize I was being creative. LOL