Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    Make-A-Santa Game

    This is purely a game to invoke laughter, teamwork, and to start your meeting off on a note of fun. You will only need some red construction paper, shaving cream or whipped cream in a can, tape, and few towels. Split the group into small teams and have each team pick someone to be their "Santa." Have the Santas sit in chairs, cover their shoulders with a towel (this is going to get a little messy), and distribute the paper, tape, and one can of cream to each group. When you say "Go!" each team is to work as fast as they can to transform their team member into the likeness of Santa, using the paper to form a hat, and the shaving cream to make the beard, trim for the hat or whatever else they can think of to add. Make sure you have a camera on hand as this will make for some great photos for the website or for the kids to use for a new FaceBook profile pic! (Note: if you choose to use shaving cream, it's a good idea to give all the Santas cheap plastic googles to protect their eyes).


    jeremy zach said...

    I just wanted to personally thank you for this great idea. I am throwing a Christmas party and this game will definitely be in the mix.

    Who do I write the commission check to?

    Brian said...

    Hey Jeremy. Glad you like it. I came up with it years ago and haven't done it in a long time and then it just popped up in my thoughts this week. I'm going to use it this Sunday, too!