Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser

    Blogging the Yule: Still need some creative ways to engage your youth with the true meaning of the season? Grahame at the Insight blog has a whole series of excellent (and free!) Christmas youth talks including icebreakers, games, quizzes and role play, each designed to help young people look afresh at the Christmas story and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. Here is part six.

    Golden Compass Controversy: What do John Lennon and Nietzsche have to do with the recent minor Christian karfuffle over the "Golden Compass" movie? Find out at the Experiential Youth Ministry blog.

    12 Days of Kitchmas: Ship of Fools is offering up their annual roundup of "truly covetable gifts for Kitschmas. Twelve righteous and deserving products..." I especially like the Christ on motorcycle figurine. Hat tip to the Youthblog.

    Mary Christmas: Ben Bell is offering up an image of Mary as you have likely never seen her. Might help jumpstart a great discussion with your youth.
    Just for You: By now you may be feeling the stress of the season and need to relax. Check out these beautiful and soothing Christmas carols and hymns by pianist Barbara Gallagher available for free download.