Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Animoto - Video Creator

    This promo for our blog was created at the website where you just upload photos, select a song from their music library (or your computer) and their program does the rest. 30-minute videos are free and longer ones come with a minimal charge but are also downloadable.


    Trent said...

    Can I just tell you how awesome Animoto is. It's cheap and high-quality. It is perfect for creating series bumpers, announcement videos, and photos from trips. Thanks for letting us know.

    Trent Hope
    SHIFT High School Min. Producer

    Brian said...

    Hey Trent. Glad to hear you like it too. I actually stumbled upon a mention of it on another blog totally by accident and thought it was pretty cool. It sure takes all the work out of making slideshows and videos for youth ministry. For those wondering, videos longer than 30 seconds cost $3 each to produce or you can pay a yearly charge for unlimited videos. The other cool thing about the program is that no two videos are alike and they can even remix a video you've made so you can try a different look or song with it.

    Rebecca said...

    Hey Brian,

    Becky here, from Animoto.

    Thanks so much for the nice mention of us in your blog. We certainly do appreciate the kind words. We love that Animoto has been used in school, churches, for sports teams and lots of other awesome, positive community-based endeavors. If you ever encounter any issues with our service or simply have suggestions for us, we are always on call at:

    Thanks again,