Thursday, January 17, 2008

    God's Gift of Sexuality Retreat

    Earlier this fall, I attended a conference for Youth Ministers, hosted by Youth Specialties, in St. Louis. One of the sessions I attended, led by Chap Clark, focused on identity and sexuality in teenagers and adolescents. Chap had a great clip from the HBO video "Middle School Confessions." I tried to get a copy of this video. Unfortunately, HBO will not release it for sale. A summary of the video, taken from the HBO website, is pasted below:

    Running Time: 73 minutes

    Genre: Family

    Drinking, sex, violence, depression, school failure, and harassment. These are just some of the daily realities of life for many of today's adolescents. This documentary takes an eye-opening look at the lives of young people--as well as the efforts of parents, teachers and school officials to help kids navigate through these often-difficult transitional years. The show will feature candid interviews with 11- to 14-year-old students including a 12-year-old girl whose mother discovers her startling sexual behavior, a 13-year-old boy who instigates fights at school and a 12-year-old boy who suffers from clinical depression.


    If anyone knows how I could get a copy of this, I would really appreciate it. When we hold our information meetings this spring with parents, I would like to show the video. My guess is that after seeing these interviews, parents would be more inclined to have their children attend. The HBO schedule looks like it shows the film twice a month.

    Also, if anyone else has good resources that they use for sexuality retreats, please share. I think it's important, as we've mentioned before, for the church to address sexuality and provide a safe, and welcoming, environment for youth to share their thoughts, questions, and fears.



    katie day said...

    i bought my copy off amazon or ebay. if you're on amazon enough to warrant making a wishlist, they'll email you when a copy becomes available.

    Brian said...
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    Brian said...

    EBAY is a good suggestion. I had'nt thought of that. I hoped someone might have uploaded it to YouTube but haven't found it there.

    Cory said...

    I thought this was an interesting, relevant bit of information.

    KitchyKarma said...

    My friend Rob and i are seminary students working on a sexuality curriculum. The best thing i have found is Our Whole Lives (OWL) the UU/UCC curriculum. seriously, it covers everything in a way that everyone can understand and be as comfortable as possible. Also, just talking honestly about how your faith, experience and culture have influenced the decisions you have made and how the youth might start doing that is a great place to start. the PCUSA used to have a "Gods Gift of Sexuality" curriculum, but it is hard to get now. i think that faith and decision making are just as important as the physical stuff. also, rob and i did a survey of a college conference recently and top 3 things they wanted to know about was, was how to be in a relationship with another person (love, communication, etc), second was the emotional aspects of everything and third was the mechanics of sex and third (no one says it might be awkward).
    also Steve Clapp (great name for this) surveyed high school aged kids about sex and put out a book about it a while back called "Faith Matters: Teenagers, Religion and Sexuality that i have been wanting to get. This is long and ridiculous, but thank you for even thinking of doing sex ed with your youth, it is SO vitally important. also this website is a good one:
    i think its fun and informative. but thats me. :) you all rock!

    BoBoinBeanTown said...

    One of the greatest ways I talked to my junior and senior high girls about modesty and valuing yourself (which I believe is ESSENTIALLY related to sexuality) is to actually bring in some college-age guys who actually appreciate modest women and explain just what a girl in a bikini says/does to a guy, both mentally and physically. It's obviously dangerous not to get too explicit, but many of my girls didn't imagine that they could attract a guy without showing a little skin. It was one of the nights that got some noticeable, and sometimes lasting, lifestyle changes and responses from my girls.