Monday, January 28, 2008


    As Lent approaches, it's time to start thinking about ways to make this season of the church year meaningful for our youth, many of whom likely have no idea that Lent isn't something they find in their pockets. Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be sharing a variety of resources and ideas that we hope you will be able to adapt for use with your group. If you have any favorite Lenten ideas, projects, worship experiences, or online resources you'd like to share with colleagues in youth ministry, please feel free to pass them on and we'll credit you/your blog.

    First up, a cool resource I spotted last year on Jonny Baker's emergent worship blog. "40" is a series of cartoon-like illustrations depicting Jesus' journey through the desert. These images would be perfect for use in a PowerPoint worship presentation, part of worship centers, or used with a creative Bible study. They have no captions so the images lend themselves to imaginative storytelling and interpretation. You can purchase theminexpensively either in video or pdf format.
    (Lent graphic above adapted from anajemstaht at Flickr)


    Dan Luebcke said...

    Brian, thanks for the resource. It made the point very clear tonight in our gathering of students.

    Brian said...

    Glad it was of help to you, Dan. I plan to use these images this weekend with my group.

    Free the Fire said...

    the link for the "40" presentation no longer works. Is there anywhere else I can find it?

    Thanks and God bless the work that you do!

    Brian said...

    You can search You Tube for some video compilations of the images but I'd suggest downloading either the video or the collection of images at the Proost site. They are very inexpensive: