Friday, January 11, 2008

    Image of the Day: Epiphany Blessing

    This Sunday's lectionary text from Matthew is the baptism of Jesus. In the Eastern Church, the liturgical season of Epiphany begins with a celebration of the story of Jesus' baptism. All over Greece, January 6 is the day of the Blessing of the Waters. The faithful gather as a priest blesses the waters of a lake or river by tossing a cross into it. Where swimming is possible, divers attempt to retrieve the cross and the one who is successful receives a special blessing for themselves and their family. (Not something I think I'll try here in the midst of a Missouri winter!)


    Jacob said...

    There's a nice trail and lake by our house where we like to walk the dog. Last Sunday, Epiphany Sunday, a local church was doing baptisms in the water--it was cold enough that there were still patches of ice on the water. I imagine the individuals baptized will remember that day for a long time.