Friday, January 04, 2008

    SCAVENGER HUNT: Hide and Seek

    Here's a scavenger hunt that would work particularly well for those of us in the colder parts of the world whose groups are stuck inside right now. Collect a pile of your typical scavenger hunt items (e.g. hat, funny statue, photograph, stuffed animal, etc.). Each team is given a list of all of the items and each team is also given an even number of the items themselves. Before the hunt begins, give each team 3 minutes to go out into the building and hide their items. Teams mark their own items off the list and their challenge then is to find as many of the other teams' items as possible in the allotted time. Consider suggesting the option to allow teams to negotiate with one another to exchange the hiding places of certain items. Perhaps the goal could be altered to see which teams are most willing to cooperate with one another and which teams are more competitive. My youth are so used to be discouraging competition and encouraging cooperation that they'd probably catch on quick to idea of swapping info on the hidden items. Another way to extend this idea beyond just a scavenger hunt is to make all the items relate in some way to the theme of your evening's discussion or worship focus.


    Jake said...

    Your community builders and games are consistently great. I am using this one tonight.

    As a side note, you should consider compiling all of these blog posts and use Lulu to self-publish a book of games!


    Brian said...

    THanks for the compliment. I'll certainly look into the idea!s