Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Link Dispenser

    Is "You Tube" the Enemy? This review of new Frontline doc about teens and the big bad computer world suggests we might be jumping too quickly to sound the alarms about the dangers of the internets. You can watch the whole documentary here.

    Jesus at 16: What was Jesus like as a teen and what might a biblical exploration of his adolescence teach us about today's teens and their parents? Check out this creative essay at TheoCenTric.

    A Different Kind of Youth Sunday: A Mennonite church creates a cool rite of passage service to celebrate the coming-of-age of their youth. See a description of the service here and the thoughtful sermon addressed to the youth here.

    To "Famine or not to Famine?": Calvin contemplates whether or not his group is up for the challenge of the 30 Hour Famine while raising some important issues about what youth ministry should really be about.

    Who is the thumb? Grahame offers up an entire program's worth of material for a youth study of the Body of Christ.