Friday, January 04, 2008

    VOICETHREAD: New Online Tool

    Paul over at Youthhacks is highlighting a great free online tool called Voicethread that I'm certain could have many creative uses in youth ministry. It is, in essence, a social networking tool that allows friends, family, or a community of users to interact via images, text messages, and voice recordings. One person has described it as "Flickr on steroids." I can imagine it being useful for small group online discussions, virtual meetings with your ministry team or youth, interactive bible studies, and more. You could also create a visual/audio presentation in Voicethread and then post it as a live feature on your blog. It easier to understand if you just go see how it works so hop over to Youthhacks and check it out.

    If anyone beats me to using this tool for youth ministry, please let us know so we can check out your efforts.

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    Thanks for the shout:)

    happyjoebennett said...

    Thanks for passing this site along. Very cool.