Monday, February 25, 2008


    Here is an interactive worship idea inspired by one of Jonny Baker's worship tricks. Pass out markers and wooden Jenga-style blocks to each person. Invite them to write words or symbols on the block describing the gifts and talents that they offer to the youth group/church/ministry. As a unique way of giving an offering during worship, invite each participant to share what is written on their block and then place it in the center of the group. Each block should be layed in such a way that as people share they are also building a tower with the blocks. The result is a visual representation of the way all of our gifts for ministry work together as one. At the end of the worship, invite each person to take one block from the tower, Jenga game style, and keep as a memory of the experience. Variation: You could also use this activity as a way to share prayer concerns. Each particpant writes words or thoughts to offer for prayer and the tower then becomes a tower of collective joys and concerns of the group. See yet another creative Jenga Prayer idea here (pdf file).


    Joel Mayward said...

    Cool idea! Just thinking that it could also communicate that we need each person's gifts in the Body of Christ, that without even one person we are weaker as a community. Lots of different ideas from this.

    Brian said...

    Joel, I totally agree. Those Jenga blocks could be used in lots of creative ways. I'm often looking for interactive ways to involve the congregation in my sermons and this has potential. It also occurs to me that you could skip the "building a tower" part and have the group use their blocks to spell out words or make a design on the floor or table.

    Sarah Brush said...

    Thanks for the link - curiously we just used the jenga prayer idea too!