Friday, February 15, 2008

    Pocket Scavenger Hunt

    Here's a quick activity perfect for anytime the weather or time of day does not allow an outdoor scavenger hunt. Divide the youth into small teams and one-at-a-time read off a list of things they might have "on their person." The first group to present the object to you gets the point. Items can be simple things but make it more challenging by giving clues for the youth to figure out such as:

    • Something with teeth, but not a person (e.g. a comb)
    • A facsimile of someone in your group (e.g. a photo from a wallet)
    • A dead president (e.g. coin or bill)
    • An electronic image (e.g. a photo on a cellphone)
    • Magnifiers (e.g. glasses)
    • Something sticky or chewy
    • Something striped
    • Something with a hole in it
    • An item that gives you permission to do something. (e.g. driver's license)
    • The voice of a friend or loved one not in this room (e.g. recorded message on a cellphone)