Friday, February 01, 2008

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Link Dispenser

    Wish We'd Thought of That: Scott Russ, On the Scooter 4.0 blog, features a hilarious video made by his youth group that simultaneously promotes their 30 Hour Famine event and pokes fun at their senior pastor. Would that all senior pastors had such sense of humor!

    I LUV LOCK-INS! Do you really? Nigel at the Relational Youth Ministry blog invites you to weigh in on this most important topic in youth ministry.

    The End of Mission Trips? We are always fans of anyone who strives to do some rethinking when it comes to youth ministry. That is just what Matt Cleaver has been doing lately as he thoughtfully rethinks the whole of idea of youth mission trips here and here.

    Jr. Highers are Cool! That seems to be the the sentiment of our blogger friend Jeremy Zach in this post where he reminds us just what is so great about working with middle school youth.

    The Future of Youth Ministry: Grahame at the Insight blog continues his thoughs on the future of youth ministry with a look at the question: "Isn't one of the marks of a deepening faith, a servant heart?"

    Fun & GAMES:
    The Reaching New Heights blog initiates us into the future of youth ministry games with two hilarious videos from Japanese TV.

    What Do We Do Now?
    Tim links to a free full-year curriculum put out by World Vision that focuses on student advocacy in the area of AIDS, poverty and justice.

    The Marriage Problem:
    With all the talk on our blog recently about sexuality, it seems an equally important topic is marriage -- something most adults don't understand, let alone our youth. UCC seminarian Tom offers up some thoughtful comments on the wild and wacky history of marriage.