Saturday, March 15, 2008

    More Creative Prayer Ideas

    A recent visitor to the blog tipped us off to the website Creative Prayer which offers many ideas for incorporating contemplative prayer stations into worship experiences. The stations come in many forms and tap into different learning styles and senses. I particularly liked the one that challenges participants to form prayers, either individually or as a group, while sitting at a table covered with Scrabble letters. We do quite a bit with center-based worship in our youth ministry and it is very successful with the students. They enjoy the freedom of moving about freely and having some choice in the worship experience, rather than every movement and response being dictated by a preplanned litugy or order of worship. In addition, these creative prayer stations access the brain and body on all sorts of levels, inviting us into a more complete worship experience than in the traditional "sit and listen" style of worship we are all familiar with in most churches.


    Shaun and Faith M said...

    Hey! Thanx for linking my web page! I am stoked you find it helpful. I am always looking for more stations to add to it, so if you have any, shoot them my way and I will post it. Make sure you give me your name so i can give credit where credit is due. *grin* Thanx again! Faith.