Monday, March 24, 2008

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Link Dispenser

    Who Needs Youth Ministers Anyway? Dan Mayes has written an interesting post on his church's efforts to offer a youth ministry program even in the absence of a youth minister on staff. Definitely worth a read.

    Easter Goes On! The Easter season just got started last Sunday. Why not challenge your youth to continue thinking about the meaning of the resurrection with this creative activity from Grahame at the Insight blog.

    Girls, Sex, and STD's - Shelby Knox, subject of an excellent PBS documentary on her efforts to bring sex ed to her small town high school, shares her thoughts on the recent report that one in every four teen girls has an STD.

    your blog!
    Check out this nifty little tool that's like an animated whiteboard for your blog. Using a "You Tube" style video, easily illustrate a concept or story with sketches, words and audio.

    Indiana Jones is Back?
    - Which movies will your youth be talking about this summer? Stuart has a quick way to check out the latest previews for this coming summer's hopeful blockbusters.

    Cell Phone Recycling as Youth Mission Project
    - Your youth probably get a new cell phone every year, at the least. But tossing your old phone hurts the environment and even encourages civil war in Africa. Find out more here and check out the long list of organizations that will help you recycle your old cell phone and help the planet.

    Church Camp is Coming!
    If you are like me, the spectre of church camp is now starting to loom large on the horizon. This site is crammed packed with free camp resources such as team building games, art project ideas, camp songs, skits, and more.


    Danny said...

    I think your link for the church camp resources is wrong....

    Brian said...

    Thanks for the heads up, Danny. It's fixed now.

    Dan Mayes said...

    Thanks for the story link! Lot's of great questions coming up. (Perhaps some youth ministers wondering about job security???) :)

    grahameknox1 said...

    Hi Brian,

    As always, thanks for the link. I'm still digesting Dan Mayes post. Interesting. Makes perfect sense to me. Getting parents and the church actively engaged in thinking about ministry to young people has to be good. It's just to easy to abdicate responsibility and hire someone, without thinking through what you really need. Anyways, I've always felt the potential of Christian parents and volunteers is undervalued or ignored in many churches.