Monday, March 24, 2008

    Terra Naomi's "Say It's Possible"

    One of my youth shared this video with me and I thought I'd pass it on to you. -- Brian

    " I see the lights are turning
    And i look outside the stars are burning
    Through this changing time
    It could have been anything we want
    Its fine salvation was just a passing thought.

    Dont wait act now
    This amazing offer wont last long
    Its only a chance to pave the path were on
    I know there are more exciting things to talk about
    And in time well sort it out

    And though they say its possible to me
    I dont see how its probable
    I see the course were on
    Spinning farther from what i know
    Ill hold on
    Tell me that you wont let go
    Tell me that you wont let go"