Tuesday, April 08, 2008


    Here's a youth ministry idea for your next lock-in or fellowship night. It's likely that the parents of your youth documented every other minute of their young'ns' growing-up on trusty ol' video or dvd. Why not take advantage of this and plan a home movie night? Invite youth to bring a short clip (2 minutes or less) of their wackiest home videos. It could be a scene of them in their Jedi underwear at the age of 2, hitting a sibling over the head with a wiffle ball bat, or their stellar performance from a third grade play. Serve popcorn and movie theater candy and award prizes (like movie passes or fake "oscars" from a party store) for the videos voted (by your select judges) to be the funniest, cutest, strangest, most embarrassing, most boring, etc.


    The Blogmaster said...

    My mother uses those to embarass me.

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