Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    "PUORG HTUOY" Nite!

    What is "PUORG HTUOY" Nite? Glad you asked and you might find the answer if you hold your computer up to a mirror (and be sure to send us a photo of you doing that!). It's "YOUTH GROUP" spelled backwards. Celebrate the way Jesus often asked his followers to to just the opposite of what the world wants us to do by hosting a night where everything is backwards. For example, have everyone wear name tags with their names written backwards. Reverse your evening schedule. If you normally start with a meal and end with worship, do it the other way around. If you do have a meal, eat it backwards by serving dessert first. Play games that involve walking backwards, writing answers backwards, shooting baskets backwards, and so on. For a added challenge, invite the youth to wear their clothes backwards. Follow up the fun with a look at stories of Jesus challenging the status quo and invite your youth to do the same.