Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Where Do You Find God?

    At church? While walking your dog? In a moment of silence. The website Other6 invites visitors to share where they find God or where they need to find God, depicted graphically as a series of clickable bubbles. In a sense, it is an interactive web version of the Ingnatian Examen. The site is the creation of a group of Jesuits, though there is not particular theological agenda other than to provide a place to share one's experience of the God.
    And what about the site's name:
    Asked, "What does the name Other6 mean?" Paul says, "I chose this name principally because it is short, not 'churchy' and - hopefully - somewhat intriguing. What did 'Google' mean or 'Yahoo' when they were chosen? It does also imply that some people 'find' God on Sundays in church, but that site is helpful the Other6 days of the week."


    Dave Carrol said...

    I check that site out this morning ironically enough...

    It's quite cool.