Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Journeys of the Season

    Spring is finally here! It was an unusually tough winter, but the green leaves and warm thunderstorms are making up for all of the ice and snow.

    Each morning, I walk my dog along a lake next to my house. Sometimes, we walk two or three times a day. And, as I think about it, my dog (Bingo) and I really live out the seasons. The weather, in a sense, dictates how we think, act, and behave.

    In the same way, this past year I’ve tried to be more intentional with my youth about how we live out the seasons of the church. The liturgical year is meant to be lived with sensitivity and imagination. But how do we respond to the spiritual seasons? The word season, in Latin, means “to sow.” Living the church year is, no doubt, a process of growth—an experience that is deeply related to youth ministry. As my youth leaders and I begin to plan for the next school year, I hope our teachings and activities reflect more deeply the seasons of the church. It’s easy to celebrate Advent and Easter. But what about the rest of the year?