Friday, May 30, 2008

    COMMUNITY BUILDER: Sundae in the Gutter

    Here's an idea I haven't tried in awhile but it was always a hit. As a special dessert at a youth group gathering, purchase one or more sections of plastic rain guttering at a hardware or home improvement store. Line the gutter with tinfoil or plastic. Then, provide youth with ice cream, toppings, bananas, etc. and challenge them to create together a sundae in the actual gutter. This can be done like civilized human beings with each person creating and eating from their own space along the length of the gutter, or youth may decide to work together and sample from all along the length of the dessert. Of course, this may not be the most hygienic activity -- I remember at least one teen who would always refuse to take part and just ate his ice cream from a bowl -- but it can be a fun community builder with everyone eating together. Anyone try this lately?


    Phil said...

    oh yeah. love doing this stuff.

    made a huge yule log a couple of christmas's ago for the youth group.

    they loved it.

    Shane said...

    Per parent request we started lining the gutter with foil before we made the sundae. That at least gives it the appearance of cleanliness.

    Anonymous said...

    i am trying it tonight.

    i will let you know how it goes.