Friday, May 16, 2008

    Whack-a-Hat Game...

    Oh, if only I could have found this video when I was posting about violence in youth ministry! At least the kid who gets whacked in the face 20 times still has the hope of winning prizes! (Given that they are using somberos, and knowing that the "whacking" won't be limited to the hats, perhaps a better name for this game is "Human Pinata!")--Brian


    Dave Carrol said...

    wow... i actually really like that game.

    Maybe I'll play it with my kids later.


    hey i love the site

    Brian said...

    Hi Dave. Glad we can be of service. :)
    Actually, on further reflection, I think a better variation of this game would be to strap candy-filled pinatas onto kids' heads and let them go at each other with whiffle ball bats. A great game to play on your last Sunday at a church (which would also likely be your last Sunday at ANY church!) Peace!

    Anonymous said...

    Hmmm...I wonder if the kids that play this game go to Mexico on a mission trip will have flashbacks and start hitting anyone wearing a sombrero? I am kidding- but how about finding a hat that is not a stereotype of another culture?

    You are right about the violence too.

    Sime said...

    Hi Brian,
    My first trip to this site, I found it randomly. I struggle in my Youth Ministry to avoid activities like "messy games" and "water-fight nights". I want to avoid these ones because 1) it's disgusting to be wasting food in a era of so much poverty and hunger; 2) same as above but insert drought like conditions.

    I'm enjoying your blog, keep it up!