Thursday, May 29, 2008

    Youth Ministry Game: Clump

    Here's a pretty self-explanatory video of a game called "Clump" which could be a lot of fun for your group as long as everyone is comfortable with up-close contact. I would make one change however: this version of the game eliminates players one-at-a-time. Imagine being the first person who gets eliminated and having to just sit and wait out the rest of the game. I'd suggest a variation: as more people get "out," have them form a new group off to the side and continue the game. Eventually you'll have the whole group of eliminated people playing on one side of the room and the last two or three folks competing on the other. The game is over when everybody joins the "eliminated" team. This is an example of how I get around the "I win-you lose" mentality that seems inherent in so many games.