Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Youth Ministry Links-O-Rama

    Ever experience Lock-in Mania? Clearly, I haven't been taking my "lock-in prep" seriously enough. Check out this comprehensive checklist for planning your next overnighter.
    Are your youth too focused on living in a material world? Talk to them about it using this study crafted by Grahame at the Insight blog.
    Indiana Jones or the Bible? Stuart offers a chance to test your knowledge of both.
    Do mission trips do more harm than good? Jason at the Theolog (the blog of the Christian Century) certainly has people talking about the merits and dangers of summer mission trips.
    Still need money for that mission trip? Well, it may be too late for this summer, but Steve at Youth Ministry Ideas offers up two good ideas for raising funds and creating community in your church.
    What's with the bunny ears? If you need a fast way to edit that youth group photo before you put it in the church newsletter or post it on your blog or website, check out the free site Snipshot.
    Still talking to yourself? Jott is a online service that allows you to send yourself a message, reminder or brainstorm right over your cellphone. The message shows up in your inbox as both a recorded message and transcribed into text. You can even send messages to others this way.