Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Something Old...Something New

    This is another entry in our continuing posts highlighting one of our favorite blogs or websites we've been following for awhile and a new blog or site we've stumbled upon and think you might want to check out.

    Something "Old": If you are looking for thoughtful and thorough curriculum, program ideas, and activities to share with your youth, you can't do any better than Insight, a youth ministry web resource authored by veteran youth worker Grahame Knox. Writing from the UK, Grahame brings a wealth of experience and "insight" to the programs and resources he offers. I particularly like that, where many of us often just offer a game here or a worship trick there, Grahame specializes in giving you the whole package -- Bible studies and discussion programs that take you from the opening game to the closing thought.

    Something "New": I stumbled upon Jim's Blog by way of Stuart Delony's site. Jim's site (subtitled: "The thoughts and life of just another nobody") is a series of short essays and entries of his thoughts on the church, and humanity, and culture, and God, and on and on. Jim, a published author, has a really great writing style and point of view. Here is a sample:
    "here’s to freedom! i have some friends who thought they were people that they really weren’t. one gal thought she was a prostitute, and another was convinced he was an addict. don’t get me wrong; they did the things prostitutes and addicts do, but that’s just really living out of a false identity. the truth is they are a living, breathing expression of love, beauty, and everything good. that’s the “image” they were created in but it became lost to them, and they took on a lesser identity, and suffered. it’s not hard to lose the real you, and become something you’re not. if you’ve done it for a long time, it’s a struggle to stop."