Monday, July 14, 2008


    More great youth ministry links from around the blogosphere!

    What's So Bad about "Wall-E" - After the minor furor on this blog over my review of Wall-E (fueled in part by the fact that the review got linked to the national political blog of Andrew Sullivan) I thought I'd pass on youth ministry blogger Jeremy Zach's more friendly review. Should you encourage your youth to see the movie? Sure, then talk with them about it afterwards.

    Guns for Christ? Youth minister Cory highlights one of the most ridiculous attempts to attract youth to a ministry gathering. Add this one to my growing criticism of the use of violence in youth ministry.

    Do we have to go to bed? Danny has a few excellent tips on how to handle things in your cabin at summer camp, including how to address the always challenging "bedtime" routine!

    Tired of Duck Duck Goose? Here's a free mega-list of over 2000 games perfect for church camp or any youth ministry gathering.

    Keeping up with the culture? Mark offers some thoughts and suggestions on how gas prices are affecting youth ministry...and an interesting post of a recent cover of People magazine that you just might want to talk about with your youth.

    Can it fit in a bottle? Devin wonders why people pick up shells on the beach and poses a cool question that would be great to share with your youth.

    Mystical Youth Ministry? Here is a negative critique of Mark Yaconelli and the move many of us have made toward contemplative ministry with youth. I don't agree with the conclusions, but it does make for an interesting read.


    Chris Schelin said...

    Well, the guy critiquing "mystical youth ministry" is at least being consistent with his hermeneutic: only what Scripture explicitly sets out for us is what we should do and practice. As a member of the Stone-Campbellite tradition, I'm sure you're quite familiar with that way of using Scripture among your more "conservative" cousins. I disagree with him as well, but of course it makes sense within his logic. I wonder how a fruitful discussion could take place when the person on the other end has very different assumptions?

    Brian said...
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    Brian said...

    Good observations, Chris, and I agree that a conversation on this issue might not be too fruitful if one or the other of us comes from a position of absolutes. I, obviously, do not come from the position that if something is notexpressly advocated in scripture then you cannot do it. I would bring reason, tradition, historical perspective, etc into the mix.