Friday, July 25, 2008

    What Would Jesus Buy?

    "WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY?" follows Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir as they go on a cross-county mission to save the Holidays from the Shopocalypse: the end of mankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt! The Shopocalypse is upon us...Who will be $aved? Watch this documentary right now for free by clicking below.


    emergentjourney said...

    I really enjoyed this movie. I thought that it had a really great message and is a definite watch for all North Americans. I wrote a post on my blog about it too:

    I am a youth pastor in Calgary, AB canada. I RSS your blog and really enjoy it a lot. Keep up the good blogging. Peace!


    Amanda said...

    Consumerism is truly a big problem in America. I think another issue, within consumerism and 'What Would Jesus Buy?', is to look at the items we are buying. How many of the items that we buy are made in sweatshops and places where people not treated or paid fairly. I think we have a responsibility not only to watch our consumerism, but within our buying habits to make sure we are purchasing Fair Trade items.

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with Amanda, one part of the issue is to simply buy less, the other part is to see what our purchases do to people in other countries.

    This was an excellent movie if for nothing else than to see a group of activists approach a problem creatively instead of with the typical picket signs and protests.