Tuesday, August 19, 2008


    Would You Attend the Church of Crap? Check out this pastor's critique and explanation for why the word CRAP might be just the right name for his new church merger. HT to our blogging friend Dan Mayes. Speaking of Dan, check out part two of his thoughtful series Our Journey into a Youth Pastor-less Youth Ministry.

    "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Shane over at Nailscars offers up his own PowerPoint trivia quiz on the topic of Chick Flicks, part of a discussion centered on "Family, growing up, being yourself, and making a difference in your world."

    What's a Person Worth? I just discovered a fine discussion/Bible study by Grahame at the Insight blog called "Shipwreck" which uses a survival simulation to help youth think about how God values each individual person. Good stuff! Could be a nice way to start off your new youth year together.

    Do You Have to Keep Saying That? Alaina has posted an eye-opening video on a hip-hop trend, picked up by youth, that results in the constant use of the homophobic phrase "no homo."
    Where Do I Send the Flowers? Vince is doing some interesting rethinking of youth ministry (something we always applaud!) with his series "The Death of Youth Ministry." Check it out here.