Monday, September 22, 2008


    Dan Mayes has posted a very interesting interview with Dr. David F. White, Associate Prof. at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and author of “Practicing Discernment With Youth.” He has much to say on the influence of culture on youth ministry and models of youth ministry and their relative merit. It is definitely worth a read, particularly to get his perspective on the evolution of the segregation of youth and adults within the Church:

    Remember all those congregations that once organically integrated teens into their intergenerational life? It seems as if many of them have forgotten how to nurture teens. So much energy and attention has been given to the model of youth ministry that requires a paid, trained professional, so that adults and congregations have forgotten how to nurture and mentor young people so that they are not simply relegated to the margins of community life, but are brought into its center and empowered for important roles.