Monday, September 15, 2008

    Family Night

    Hi Everyone:

    This weekend, we are having our first annual Family Fun Night. I’m hoping this will be a good way for families to interact with one another and for children to spend time with their parents. We plan to have food and worship. We are also going to have some games. But, I have to admit, I don’t have a huge knowledge of games. If you were putting together a list of games to do with families what would you include?

    Here’s my short list. As you can tell I really need some help:

    Water Balloon Toss
    Three Legged Race
    Shoe race (have everyone take off their shoes, put them in a big pile, divide into groups, and take turns running to the middle, finding your shoes, and returning to the line)
    Guess Who I am (put the name of someone famous on the back of each person and have them ask questions to figure out who they are)
    Free throw contest (facing the basket backwards)



    Bethany said...

    I would encourage you to reach back to the 60's or 70's and dig up some "cooperative games" - also known at our church as "cheezy games".

    They are activities that are fun and silly, but promote values of cooperation and community instead of competition.

    One example is "Amoeba Tag". Depending on the size of your group, a couple of people are "it". When they tag someone, they grasp hands and together become "it". Each tagged person gets added to the growing amoeba of "it". The amoeba might even divide.

    This game works best when there are clear boundaries. Eventually the last person will probably get cornered by the amoeba "it" and become part of the whole.

    Cooperative games are really fun and get people laughing together!

    suzanne said...

    Here are a few games that are fun community builders:
    Sunday we did a relay with marshmallows and spoons. A person runs/walks with a marshmallow on a spoon to the end an back--the object is to keep the marshmallow balanced. You can make this as challenging as you'd like:if they drop the marshmallow they have to go back to the beginning OR they have to pick it up with out using their hands; the exchange from one team member to another has to be with out hands; team members carry the spoon in their mouths (we did this, but they could pick it up with their hands if it dropped). We made each round more and more challenging. It was fun.

    Separate the group into two even groups and have them stand in two separate lines (shoulder to shoulder) facing the opposite group. The two groups should be about three or four feet apart. The players at the opposite ends of each line are opponents. They will step out of the lines, so they are facing each other and looking down the middle of the two rows (like an old cowboy shoot-off). They will both say, “Hagoo” and start to walk down the row toward each other. They must not break eye contact and the object is to get to the opposite end of the line without laughing or smiling. When the players pass each other, they must continue to maintain eye contact. If a person does break eye contact, laughs, or smiles, they then must join the end of the line of the opposing team. The teams can do or say any silly things to make the opposing player crack up, but they must be careful not to make their own player lose concentration. The teams may NOT touch another player. This process will continue until everyone has had a turn. The team with the most players at the conclusion of the game, wins.

    Have participants walking around the room mingling with others. At any given point, you, the leader will yell out a body part and a number. Participants must get into groups with that amount of body parts. People who do not are out. Encourage people to get into groups with people they do not know.