Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Getting Ready for Fall: Pt. 3

    It’s time once again to begin our weekly Sunday night meetings. Every year, we try to start with an activity or event that encourages both individuality and community. This year, we’ll open Sunday night by handing each youth a ceramic tile. We’ll have paint and brushes ready on the tables. The goal is to create on the tile a design (through words, pictures, and colors) that represents you. Once the tiles have dried, I’ll take them on Monday to the local craft studio. For a very small fee, the studio will glaze and fire the tiles. Once the tiles have been glazed, we’ll arrange them on a cross, glue them on, and fill the spaces between tiles with grout. When it’s all said and done, we’ll have a beautiful cross that represents us both as a community and as individuals. We’ll also leave room to add new tiles as people join us throughout the year. Later in the year, the cross will be used as an offering during youth worship.

    The following Sunday, we’re planning to host our first ever family night. After spending some time talking with parents, I realized that most families don’t know one another very well. I’m hoping that by hosting a family night, we can have a picnic, play some games, worship, and really get to know one another. When families begin spending time together, my assumption is that the sense of community will only strengthen. This may eventually lead to a family retreat.

    Then, two weeks from this Sunday, we travel to our annual corn maze festival. We rent a school bus, fill it up with kids, go the maze, and eat lots of hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. Activities like this encourage fun fellowship and easy entry for those who may be new to the group.

    How about you? How are you beginning your youth group activities? We would love to hear from you.



    St. Brianstine said...

    We had our first meeting last night w.jr high and sr high combined just for the first night of the Fall. We started off with food, and drinks and just chill time. Then I had kids pair off and they did Venn diagrams as a get to know you type of activity for about 15 minutes. I had the leaders introduced, and they shared their hearts and why they are in youth ministry. Then we proceeded to play a game , I did a brief talk an the "bigness" of the gospel and showed a video for a missions trip we'll be doing in the city, another game, then we all hung out and ate more food. Pretty chill, nothing fancy but we had fun and a lot of kids connected with new kids, etc.

    Anonymous said...

    Our first meeting was a tremendous food fight. It was disgusting and awesome. The students - as they are from many different schools - are beginning to connect with one another and are having a blast as there was no student ministry here 3 months ago.

    Randy said...

    calendar necessities have had us stumbling into Fall this year with a lake day of tubing and burgers - a couple weeks w/ no mtg - a long, very successful fund-raising project with 2 other DOC youth groups - a couple weeks w/ no mtg - and finally coming up to starting our regular Sunday evg rhythm coming up Sept 21 - I am still pondering how we best hit that rhythm w/ new sponsors to bring aboard & several exciting new options & General Assembly ahead in our town and . . . hmm . . . this tile cross looks very promising

    MommyRev said...

    We had our annual fall kick off dinner that all 6th-12th graders and their families are invited to. For our worship/devotion time, I had cut out "bricks" on paper. Each person wrote on the brick what gifts they can offer to back to God. I will assemble the "bricks" into a church building, complete with pictures of the kids and families as well.

    That night, all of the teachers were introduced, a great meal was eaten, and we concluded the night with a slide show of our 2007-2008 year. I also introduced the mission trips for 08-09.

    This dinner has become a favorite event, and it is a great way to gather everyone together. The families love having a chance to be together.