Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    QUOTE OF THE DAY . . .

    On failure in youth ministry:

    Last night didn’t go so well. I think….But i feel that way about nearly each and every week. some weeks, I think my time with jr. high or high school students was wonderful and a “home run” kinda week. But most weeks, I think it just isn’t working. I feel like there is gap between what’s in my head and what I’m communicating. Most weeks I feel totally inadequate. I’m not sure that I made sense or that the students connected with anything I said. And why would I think I’m good?
    Wait. There's more. Check the rest of it out here.


    Anonymous said...

    thanks for the link.
    pretty humbling to see your thoughts connect with someone else.

    Brian said...

    I was happy to share what you had written because I think it will resonate with many of us who have been involved in youth ministry.