Monday, September 22, 2008


    Jacob and I have been at this blog for a little over two years now and we are grateful for the response to our efforts to be part of the youth ministry blogging community. We are proud to be one voice in a chorus of dedicated youth ministers sharing their ideas in the blogosphere (check out our sidebars and links tab to visit those other great sites). And we are humbled by the fact that our Technorati rating regularly hovers around 60 and we average around 5,000 visitors a month (and about 50,000 unique visitors so far this year). These stats are only important to us as they affirm that what we are posting is useful and helpful to those of you in the trenches of youth ministry. Our goal has and will continue to be to focus solely on the best ways to engage in ministry with youth and to help those youth find their place within the ministry of the Church. Your feedback, constructive critiques, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome! Thanks for visiting!
    -Brian and Jacob