Friday, September 12, 2008


    What do I do now? How do you get started in your first year in youth ministry or your first weeks at a new church? Jeremy Zach has some great suggestions.

    Just another number? Grahame at the Insight blog offers up several thoughtful talk starters to get your youth talking about the value of each individual.
    How do I get them thinking? Jumping right into a difficult topic or scripture is not always the best way to get youth thinking. Brain research says "Start where they are at!" Shane at Nailscars suggests this simple yet effective idea for getting youth thinking on a difficult or abstract topic. (Check out his site for lots of creative ideas!)

    Why can't our worship be like this? The next time your youth complain about your worship service, show them this "it-can't-be-real-can-it?" video posted at the Nikao site (and while you are there, check out the series "The Death of Youth Ministry.")