Tuesday, October 28, 2008


    Who's Jack Chick? Perhaps you don't recognize the name of the most prolific evangelical tract cartoonist of all time but you've likely come across one of his little comic books sitting on a window ledge, on top of a mailbox, or left behind at a table in restaurant. My favorite depicts a guy who dies and goes to heaven and is shown highlights of his life on big movie screen. Most of the tracts focus on who's going to heaven and who is going to hell and why you don't want to be the latter. What Jack lacks in biblical knowledge and solid exegesis he more than makes up for with his kitchy drawings and over-the-top scare tactics. I always get a chuckle out of the fact that every year they market his tracts as a great give-away to kids on Halloween night. Here is a sample one of one of his comic books, a story about three teenagers who go running from terror out of a haunted house and one of them is hit by a car:

    Imagine getting that in your trick-or-treat-bag! "I got a candy bar!" "I got some gum." "I got a rock." "I got a Jack Chick tract!" See! What did I tell you? Halloween fun. And listen to what other folks are saying about giving these tracts to trick-or-treaters:
    • "Some kids say 'I got this one last year, can I have a different one?' So we know they read and remember them." Maryland
    • "The first kids said 'Books! Cool!' One little guy said 'The candy goes in here but this stays in my hand!' He walked away reading." Wisconsin
    • "The Chick tracts went like hot cakes. Many of the children were more interested in the tracts than the candy! I was astonished!" Email
    • "We have used your candy and tract idea for the last six years. Kids love Chick tracts. Some kids yelled to other kids" 'Hey, they're giving out the good stuff!" California

    See more here.

    UPDATE: Just for the record, and since it is not clear in what I wrote above, I'm no fan of Jack Chick and wrote this post with tongue firmly in cheek. Please don't give Christian tracts to kids for Halloween. Give them good stuff: Twizzlers and Snickers!



    Kevin said...

    I have some issue with giving Chick Tracts to children. The World of Jack Chick is a scary place, where Christians are actively oppressed by dark forces. Not least of which is that Jack Chick encourages the active hatred of many other groups, including Catholics, which he insists are not Christian at all.

    Then again, I'm a wee bit biased on this subject anyway....:)

    Brian said...

    Thanks for commenting Kevin. Rereading my post, I'm not certain that it's clear that I mean it all to be tongue-in-cheek. I certainly agree with your assessment of Chick's work.

    Kevin said...

    i'm sorry, I didn't realise you were joking. It seemed out there, but I've seen people write the same stuff and mean it sincerely.