Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    More "See You at The Pole" Reaction

    After posting here about the new wave of criticism of the "SYATP" events, I thought some might be interested in this classic post on the subject at the "Stupid Church People" blog. Lots of good comments, pro and con, follow the post.


    Dave Carrol said...

    Hmmm... that's interesting. I think I'll go with what don miller said about why he prayed at the democratic convention.

    If ANYONE asks me to pray for them... I will

    jordan said...

    Hey brian,

    We put a new spin on see you at the pole this year. Thought you might be interested. Check it out.


    Brian said...

    Dave, thanks for commenting. Sounds like a good suggestion from Miller! Jordan, I appreciate your sharing another way to approach this event and I think your idea helps to put the focus in the right place.