Friday, October 10, 2008

    "That's So Gay!"

    A video worth passing on to your youth. Whatever your position on the sexual orientation debate, I would hope as Christians we would agree that words have power and that all people need to be treated with care and respect.



    Danny Bradfield said...

    "That's so 16-year-old-boy-with-a-cheesy-mustache" ... hmm, maybe I should try using that line! Ha!

    alaina said...

    I'll never forget the awed looks of my college classmates when I called them on the comment.
    It was so 19-year-old-boy-with-a-cheesy-goatee.
    I wish there was a public service announcement for "that's retarded" too.

    Brian said...

    Danny and Alaina, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The youth I know use the phrase without really meaning to impune gay persons. But the same can often be said for those who talk about "jewing" someone on a financial deal, or those who talk about getting "gypped" (an ethnic slur originally aimed at Gypsies). I'm certain there are others we might add to that list.

    JimmyD said...

    Yep good that the people who made the video brought it up.

    Though I think they should have been a bit more careful. They refer to the words dumb and stupid. Being dumb refers to someone who can't speak, so we shouldn't actually say "That's so dumb" either.

    Unless you argue that in current culture the meaning of the word dumb has changed, and no longer refers to someone who can't speak, who we now refer to more often as "mute".

    But by the same arguement you could say that the word "gay" actually used to mean happy, then it meant homosexual, and now it might actually mean, in contemporary culture, stupid to most people within the context of that sentence, and that more people refer to gay poeple now as homesexual, or same sex couples.

    Ryan Gill said...

    "Debate"? I didn't know that when God says that homosexuality is sin... that there would have to be more debate about that in the Church. hmmmm.

    Tony Myles said...

    On the other side, the concept of something being "gay" came about when people thought being "gay" was repulsive.

    Which everyone knows we're not allowed to think anymore.

    Thanks, Wanda Sykes. I'd love to have a few words with you about your role and lines in a few of the movies you've been in.

    Just gotta get a plank out of my eye first.

    Emily said...

    I don't think "God said homosexuality is a sin." There's plenty of room for debate on this issue given the historical context and unclear terminology in the writings of both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament. But I think we could safely say that God does teach love. Exclusion, judgement, and labeling are not loving behaviors.