Monday, October 13, 2008

    Too Early to be Thinking about Camp?

    Looking for a great curriculum to use with your church camp this coming summer?

    Well, about a year ago I had an opportunity to be part of the team of writers crafting the Summer 2009 New Earth Outdoors church camp curriculum, put out by New Earth Publishers in cooperation with the Committee on Outdoor Ministry of the National Council of Churches. Our ecumenical team met for several days in St. Louis to talk through the selected scriptural texts, wrestle theologically with the biblical themes, and attempt to begin the process of crafting a summer camp curriculum that would be accessible to churches up and down the theological spectrum. We then went our separate ways to write our portion of the curriculum in time to ship it off to the editors last November. My sections included the biblical/theological reflections on all the scripture texts and a list of ideas for the creative arts.

    The curriculum has now been published and is available here and I think it's excellent. Each "day" includes ideas for exploring the biblical texts through a variety of approaches including the arts, nature, writing, music, and community building. The theme this time around is "Breakthrough" and it focuses on all sorts of stories of characters encountering Christ and experiencing a personal breakthrough to God. You can check out a free PDF sample of the curriculum here.


    Randy said...

    i'm glad you got a chance to write another round of the curriculum – thanks for the work