Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Video: Generation We

    Youth Leaders -- take note of Generation We, the "Millennials," those born between 1978 and 2000:

    The Millennials are a special generation, potentially the greatest generation ever. They are not pessimistic or vengeful. Rather, they are sober in their view of the world. They believe in technology and know they can innovate themselves out of the mess they are inheriting. They believe in entrepreneurship and collective action, and that each person can make a difference. They are about plenitude, and they reject cruelty. They are spiritual, responsible, tolerant, and in many ways more mature than their predecessor generations. They reject punditry and bickering, because they are post-partisan, post-ideological, and post-political. Most important, they believe in the greater good and are ready to dedicate themselves to achieving it.

    From the book "Generation We: How Millennial Youth are Taking Over America and Changing Our World Forever" by Erich Greenberg. You can download a free copy the book here. It's definitely worth a read. Let us know what you think.


    alaina said...

    I think that Generations by Strauss and Howe should be required reading for anyone who studies politics, religion, or other societal movements.
    Having read that tome of American generation theory has given me a serious understanding the generational personality of all of the functioning generations. It helped me to understand the causes of generational changes and the outcomes of generational idealism or apathy over the lifetime of the generation. I HIGHLY recommend it, despite its 20 years on the shelves.
    As a youth worker, it helps me to anticipate societal change and understand reactions.
    It's a thick one, but well worth the time!