Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    Why do Young People Like Obama?

    It seems that record numbers of young people are registering to vote for the upcoming election. Polls indicate that the majority will likely cast a ballot for Obama. Why? Marv, at the See Through blog, is by no means "in the tank" for Obama but he offers a compelling argument for Obama's connection with the youth of our country. It has to do with authenticity:

    Why has Obama been able to pull this crowd of people in? Is it because they are politically dumb and see him as a "celebrity candidate"? NO! The reason why Obama has won this age group (my age group) over is
    because he's a genuine, transparently authentic guy. My age group is tired of secret lives, hidden agendas, false pretenses, lies, dishonest honesty (Such as "I didn't inhale" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Monica Lewinsky" and several others). My generation is dropping out of church for these same reasons.

    Read more. Your thoughts?


    Anonymous said...

    The fact that Obama's campaign is centred around change and that Obama appears (and is) significantly younger than McCain also makes him quite attractive to young voters.

    St. Brianstine said...

    Young people always (mostly) like the libs...they said the same thing about the "young vote" for Kerry but it didn't pan out in the end.

    Brian said...

    Good points. I imagine that his youth helps (though I'm a few years younger than Obama and some of my youth think I'm a fossil!) And its true that the problem with the youth vote is the "vote" part -- they register but many of them never show up at the polls.

    john Thorn said...

    It's sad to me that people are sp comfortable with the idea of abortion that A PRO CHOICE candidate even gets considered in the christian community. Until God is reintroduced into our Country "change" is just a word used to get elected.

    Ryan Gill said...

    why? because they hate babies. and they know nothing of the economy. thank god those in youth groups who do like him are not able to vote (mostly)