Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Another "rethinking youth ministry" Sighting

    We are always on the lookout for colleagues who are working to "rethink" the old paradigms of youth ministry. Today I stumbled upon a great post at the Emerging Youth blog. Dan shares about his frustration with trying to play the "numbers" game and how he realized that there is more to a successful youth ministry than how many teens come through the door:
    I mistakingly thought that we would really “arrive” as an established youth ministry if we could begin hosting large events like this maybe once a month. I would lie awake at night imagining having multiple youth groups, kids coming in from the streets, maybe even attract a football player or two! All the while, never realizing that what we have already been doing…had been incredible and powerful.
    Read the rest of the post here and let Dan know what you think. And when you are done with that one, read a companion post of Dan's here.


    jztothejc said...

    thanks for being intentional in finding other great ym blogs. thanks.

    mcdaniel clan said...

    stumbled onto your blog. i'm a youth pastor in washington sate going on year 3 now. i really like the order you have for your youth ministry nights. we have a sort of similar structure, but prayer has been sort of kicked to the curb. unfortunately, i haven't found a good way of making prayer more intentional, but i'm excited to check out your blog and share ideas....peace.

    Michael Johnson said...

    I like the blog, thanks