Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    Music Video: "How the Day Sounds" by Greg Laswell

    I love this new song by Greg Laswell entitled "How the Day Sounds." I think we focus too much sometimes on all the troubles teens face. We talk with them about sex and divorce and drugs and depression and suicide and abortion and war and...on and on. It easy to forget, perhaps, that ultimately we have a message to share with them that is good news. Good news about hope, peace, faith, and love. This song comes out of a time of pain experienced by the songwriter and expresses a renewed hope and willingness to be a positive part of life again. I know there is a great discussion here somewhere for a youth group meeting. It might even make a great focus for Advent and the promise of "light" coming into the world. Who's up to the challenge of crafting one for the youth ministry blogosphere? We'll happily be the first to link to it when you do! Here are the lyrics:

    Who would've ever known it
    could be this easy
    Oh, I was a long, long way off
    And just like that it's over
    Everything that I knew of love
    I was a long, long way off
    And I think I like how the day sounds
    Like how the day sounds through this new song
    Thank you for opening the window
    The sky is clear as my mind is now
    I was a long, long way off
    Join me in welcoming the sun in
    It's much brighter than the night I hid in
    I was a long, long way off
    And I think I like how the day sounds
    Like how the day sounds through this new song (Repeat)
    From a long way down
    Yeah, it's well worth the time that it's taken to get here now
    So go ahead and bang a gong
    Nothing can drown out the sound of the whisper of my love
    And I think I like how the day sounds through this new song
    And the lines have all been drawn
    I know where I belong, where I belong
    Oh, won't you sing along? Oh my love, won't you sing along?

    Note: Yes, that is Elijah Wood in the video.


    mckeetr said...

    so i wrote this and am using it with various groups i am in. No real blog to put it on, but hope you like it

    It starts out simple. We comment on the weather. “I hate the cold.” It isn’t a shout, it isn’t a call to arms, it is just a statement. Then you start to see it spread. Other people start to hate the cold too. That one person in your class says, “This is stupid.” Again, it is just a statement. But, sure enough, we see many in the class start to agree. People do studies on the effects of violent TV on youth, but we are ignoring a greater influence: Complaining.

    When I was in high school and college, I noticed that what the majority of conversations got started with was a complaint about something happening. “I hate how hot it gets,” was a common complaint while practicing for marching band in July. The person standing next to you thought so too and spoke up with you. Then you got to talking about air conditioners and cool water. The next day, you spoke again about the heat. Eventually you start to talk about other things, but your relationship started over complaining. And once you ran out of things to complain about, you could stop talking or find something else to complain about.

    This was so odd to me, but maybe it was simple. If you are in Marching Band then you must love making music, but it is not a given that you hate the heat. Yet that friendship was formed not on the positive thing, but on the negative. Could it have happened if you turned and said, “I love marching band!”? That person next to you might have given you an odd look, but you could have sparked up a conversation about why you love it. Then when you ran out of things you loved about marching band, you could have found other things you loved. Notice the difference.

    How do we want to see the world? Do we want it to be a place of complaining and hate, or of loving and sharing? That window you see the world through has a lot to do with your perspective. You can look out a window with the shades closed and say, “All I see is these blinds. I wish I could see more.” Or do you look out the open window and say, “Isn’t the sun great? I love the things I can see.” And it all starts with your decision to see gloom or greatness.

    Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation. “When does Christmas get over?” “Do I have enough to buy that gift?” “Another Christmas party to go to? Gosh!” These are the things we hear from so many. But the church offers a different message: Peace, Hope, Love, Joy. It isn’t a shout, it isn’t a call to arms, it is just a statement. And what happens when this statement is spread around? We start to see why we get ready so early. We start to see these statements stick in our heads. We start to see how we can spread Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy. It all starts with a whisper. And then God’s spirit spreads it around.

    Peace .

    Hope .



    Darren Wright said...

    Challenge accepted.

    Challenge completed.

    Reflection here.