Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    POLL RESULTS: Biggest Youth Ministry Challenge?

    In our most recent poll, we asked you to share your opinion on the biggest challenge you face in your youth ministry work right now. It seems many struggle with getting their youth to seek a deeper experience of faith. Perhaps we are asking to much of ourselves and the young people we serve. I believe it was Mike Yaconelli who wrote several years ago that youth are really Christians-in-training. We shouldn't expect as much of them as we do ourselves. They need time to mature in their faith. Your thoughts? Here are the full results:
    What is the biggest challenge in your youth ministry work right now?

    30% (42 votes) Getting the youth to "dig deeper" in their faith.
    17% (24 votes)
    Increasing youth attendance.
    16% (22 votes) Balancing family and ministry.
    14% (20 votes) Recruiting enough good volunteers.
    9% (12 votes) Finding enough money to pursue our dreams.
    6% (9 votes) Trying to get parents involved.
    4% (6 votes) Everything is going great!
    4% (5 votes) Getting the church to take me seriously.

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