Monday, November 03, 2008


    What do you think of Hell? Chadwick isn't too fond of it, at least not as depicted in the documentary "Hell House." Chad watched the movie after seeing it mentioned on this blog and offers up a good review and some good questions for pondering.

    Who's in charge? Have you always thought youth-led ministry was a great idea but you just couldn't figure out how to do it without ending up getting yourself fired? Check out these two excellent posts at the Global Youth Ministry Network blog for some great ideas.

    What is God Like? That's the question Grahame is posing at the Insight Blog and he's crafted a complete discussion/Bible study to help you explore the issue with your youth.

    How Can I get a free youth website? Glad you asked. Weebly is a really easy to use free service that makes designing a youth group website fast and simple. Here's the one I built in about one hour.

    What else can I put on my Ipod? How about one of these great youth ministry-based podcasts from the Fuller Youth Institute.

    How fun is duct tape? You might be surprised. In fact, Len has enough duct tape activities to keep your group busy for a whole night!

    What is the "Pig of Truth?"
    Find out in this insightful post at the pomomusings blog all about maintaining rituals in youth ministry and finding a place to let the Spirit move.