Saturday, December 13, 2008


    Check out these useful Advent ideas and resources from around the web:

    Advent Study Guide - A nice set of Advent Bible studies complete with discussion questions, suggested activities and worship resources. Created by the Disciples of Christ Youth Commission.

    Christmas Worship Stations: Change the World - a series of creative suggestions for setting up a series of interactive worship stations with a Christmas theme, courtesy of Nailscars.

    Advent Worship Tricks - Johnny Baker provides a host of creative Advent ideas for worship and reflection. (HT to Digital Orthodoxy for pointing out these resources and others here.) 

    Encountering Advent - Some nice thoughts on leading students through a quiet evening of interactive reflection on the birth of Jesus. 

    Advent Icons - The ReJesus site, in an effort to counteract the sickly sweetness of the cultural Christmas observance, offers a series of images of the Nativity based on an an ancient Christian iconic painting.  Includes suggestions for meditation on each image. Could easily be turned into a cool set of worship stations.